Are dues tax deductible?

What percentage of my dues are tax deductible? Your dues payment will not be deductible as a charitable contribution, but will, in general, be deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense, except to the extent provided in the next sentence.  Pursuant to the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, [...]

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Purchasing Problem – Credit Card Not Working

My credit card won't work in purchasing something...what's happening? There could be a number of issues: BILLING ADDRESS: Perhaps the biggest problem is that the billing address you've entered is not the same as the one on your credit card. CARD EXPIRATION: Has your card expired?  Check the expiration date. If you [...]

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Dues: How do I pay my dues?

Paying or Renewing Dues for Membership You can pay your dues anytime on this page (Membership & Dues). Remember you can always click JOIN/RENEW at the top of our homepage.

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