DSBA Committee on Judicial Appointments

THE COMMITTEE ON JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS OF THE DSBA assists in the judicial nomination process for Delaware state and federal appointments to the bench.  This committee is a standing committee of the DSBA and is NOT to be confused with the Judicial Nominating Commission which is appointed by the Governor.  The Bylaws of DSBA, section 6.9 govern the appointments to this committee and the procedures which should be followed by it.


DSBA President, Kathleen M. Miller (ex officio)
President-elect, Charles J. Durante (ex officio)
Peter J. Walsh (co-chair)
Gretchen S. Knight (co-chair)

Michael R. Abram
Mary I. Akhimien
Deborah L. Carey
Douglas B. Catts
William L. Chapman
P. Clarkson Collins
Kelly Dunn Gelof
Candace E. Holmes
William D. Johnston
Alexander S. Mackler
Jenness E. Parker
Darryl A. Parson
Vincent G. Robertson
David N. Rutt
Yvonne Takvorian Saville
Mary E. Sherlock