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Legal HelpLink.  The Legal Help Link is a collaborative effort by the Delaware State Bar Association, Delaware Bar Foundation, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc., Widener University Delaware Law School, Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. and Legal Services Corporation of Delaware.  Individuals who meet certain standards, including but not limited to federal poverty income standards may qualify for legal assistance through the online Lawyer Referral Link  If, after you seek assistance through this link, you are not deemed eligible for free assistance, you may be referred to the Online Lawyer Referral Service of the DSBA.  See below.

DISCLAIMER:  Contacting the Legal Help Link and completing an intake does not guarantee representation.  Representation is offered on a case by case basis after evaluation of the merits of the case and the resources available at that time.

Hours of Operation:  The online Legal Help Link is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online Lawyer Referral Service.  The Online Lawyer Referral Service (OLRS) is strictly a referral service.  Members of the public who seek lawyer referral will have to enter their name, email, and/or phone number, as well as answer questions on the DSBA website regarding the nature of their potential case.  The OLRS then selects attorneys based on the entered criteria and provides the member of the public with a reference number.  At that point, the attorneys on the list will be notified of the referral request and potential case and will be invited and alerted to contact the person seeking help.

DISCLAIMER:  There is no guarantee that an attorney will contact someone who enters this information.  The attorneys who are contacted by the OLRS will have an option to respond and set up a 30 minute interview with the potential client for a $35.00 fee, but have no obligation to do so.  Any subsequent fees and costs will be negotiated between the attorney and the client with the exception of a $35.00 fee for the initial 30 minute interview (if the appointment is made).

The DSBA does not answer legal questions, and it does not provide lists of pro bono attorneys or legal representation.  

The DSBA Online Lawyer Referral Service is an internet-based web portal which can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Find A Lawyer

Looking for Information Regarding an Attorney?

If you need information regarding a Delaware attorney, please contact the Delaware Supreme Court at (302) 739-4155.

Looking for Resources Regarding the History of the Delaware Bench and Bar?

Watch interviews of the pillars of Delaware’s legal community by clicking on the “About the DSBA” tab, or read about some of the “‘greats’ from Delaware’s legal past” graciously provided to the DSBA by the Richard S. Rodney Inn of Court by clicking here.