This committee will provide peer counseling and support to lawyers overburdened by personal or practice-related problems as well as alcohol or drug abuse problems, or other mental health issues. It will offer help to lawyers who, during difficult times, may need assistance in meeting law practice demands. The members of this committee, individually or as a team, will help with the time and energy necessary to keep a law practice operating smoothly and to protect the clients and will assist the attorney in seeking any substance abuse counseling, outpatient, or inpatient needs . The Committee is not part of the disciplinary process. Communications with a member of the Committee are protected by attorney/client privilege.


Candace E. Holmes, Esq., Co-Chair (Professional Guidance)
Victoria R. Sweeney, Esq., C0-Chair (Lawyers’ Assistance)


Victor F. Battaglia, Jr., Esquire
Dawn L. Becker, Esquire
Sean M. Brennecke, Esquire
Timothy P. Cairns, Esquire
Crystal L. Carey, Esquire
Oliver J. Cleary, Esquire
Hon. Eric M. Davis
John P. Deckers, Esquire
David J.J. Facciolo, Esquire
David J. Ferry, Jr., Esquire
Antranig Garibian, Esquire
Robert D. Goldberg, Esquire
Clay T. Jester, Esquire
Christopher L. Kenny, Esquire
Eleanor M. Kiesel Esquire
Eric S. Klinger-Wilensky, Esquire
John S. McDaniel, III, Esquire
Hon. James McGiffin
R. Bruce McNew, Esquire
Laura Nastase Najemy, Esquire
Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire
James L. Patton, Jr., Esquire
Dennis Bruce Phifer, Esquire
Ronald G. Poliquin, Esquire
Bruce A. Rogers, Esquire
Kenneth M. Roseman, Esquire*
Yvonne Takvorian Saville, Esquire
R. Judson Scaggs, Esquire*
Dennis L. Schrader, Esquire
Jason W. Staib, Esquire
Gregory Brian Williams, Esquire
Hon. William L. Witham, Jr.
Lydia E. York, Esquire

*Certified Practice Monitor

Honorary Volunteer Members:

Victor F. Battaglia, Sr., Esquire
Mary C. Boudart, Esquire*
I. Barry Guerke, Esquire
Bayard Marin, Esquire
Wayne A. Marvel, Esquire
Michael F. McTaggart, Esquire
Kuhu Parasrampuria, Esquire
Mary E. Sherlock, Esquire*
Dennis L. Schrader, Esquire
Christopher D. Tease, Esquire
E. Alan Uebler, Esquire
Hon. Louann Vari
D. Charles Vavala, III, Esquire
David A. White, Esquire