Do I need to file my own CLE certificate?


If you took the course with DSBA – No.  All LIVE, ZOOM, and ONLINE VIDEO credits are automatically reported by DSBA directly to the CLE Commission.  The following issues should be considered:

  •      Live seminars:  If you attend a live seminar through DSBA, you will need to fill out a certificate of attendance in order to receive credits.  You fill out the form and submit it to staff before you leave.  If you have forgotten to fill one out, you may do so here:  [link not yet available].
  •      Zoom seminars:  As long as you log in using your correct email address and remain attentive throughout the full CLE, you will automatically receive credit without the need to fill out a certificate of attendance.  If you attend only part of the seminar, you will receive credit for the portion you attend.  Again, there is no need to submit a certificate to DSBA or the CLE Commission.
  •      Online CLEs Videos: If you purchase an online video through DSBA, you need only watch the full CLE and a certificate will be automatically generated at the end of your watching.  You do not need to print the CLE or submit it to DSBA or the CLE Commission.  If you do not watch to the end of the CLE, no credits will be reported.  This is an automatic process.


DSBA naturally does not report your credits if you took the seminar with another provider.  You should contact that provider to see if they will submit credits or, if not, submit your certificate of attendance directly to the CLE Commission.  You can see the policies and website for the Commission below.


CLE Comm:

Phone: 302-651-3941