As a service to our members, DSBA is collecting various fraudulent emails and other types of solicitation that are meant to defraud attorneys.  These sometimes look like innocent emails from potential clients, business transactions from vendors, or documents to read or sign.  As best we can, we will highlight these here for you.  Feel free to send others to us at

I found your contact info…

email is from

Hello George

I found your contact info in a bar directory online. Does your firm handle Business and Lease Agreements. Please send me a referral if this is not your area of practice. I will appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

Brown Vaughn

DSBA will never send lawyer referrals in this manner.  Always look at the sender’s email address.  Vaughn Brown has an email from Mexico (.mx).

State Bar Referral 

Top of the day to you, I was referred to your firm by the state bar referral service. kindly advise if your firm handles Business/Lease Agreement? Regards. Brown Vaughn

Once again, our friend Vaughn Brown is emailing for a different reason and from a different address:

Another bar referral

I got referred to your law firm by the attorney bar association in regards to my need of legal assistance. Does your firm handle sales/purchase agreement?

Jason Barb

Nope.  You get a more official email from the lawyer referral service.  And you don’t get them at all if  you haven’t opted in!

Our friend today was Jason Barb

Friend asking a “favor”

Hello, how are you?

Can I ask a favor?


This is from a friend’s legitimate email address and a very scary, tricky scam.  Your friend has been hacked.  And, you can always tell it’s fake when the email mentions a favor…but doesn’t say what the favor is.  If you respond, you will likely get a request for gift cards.  They love gift cards. 

Now, to make sure it’s not your friend ask them a question that the scammer couldn’t know.  For example, what is the last name of your secretary?  

A bank, credit card company or the government text you that your Bank account, credit card or  your social security card are being suspended.  They give you a number to call to get this fixed right away!

This is TDBank, your bank account associated with this phone number is being suspended due to a problem with verificaton of your social security number.  Please call 1 800 744 3158 to fix this situation now.

First of all, banks don’t text this type of notice.  However, let’s assume they do.  Call the number on the back of your bank card, credit card, or found on their website.  10 to 1 the number is different.  Also misspellings are a dead giveaway.