Online CLEs – How to Order and Watch

To purchase a video CLE for credit, use the page and select the “Online Videos” tab (page defaults to live CLEs tab).

Once you make your purchase, that video will be available on your members area page (select WATCH PURCHASED VIDEOS) or just go here:

BEFORE your purchase a CLE, check the expiration date which appears right below its title.  The CLE commission only permits you to watch a CLE for up to 2 years after it has been filmed.  You will be able to watch that CLE and get initial credits only one time and you need to do it before the expiration date or it will disappear.  However, after you view it, it will still appear in your cle-videos page until it expires, so you can always review it again, but no longer for credit.

After the expiration date, it will disappear from your list.

Once you watch the CLE all the way to the end, the credits will be reported to DSBA staff who then enter them into the CLE Commission database which puts them on your transcript.