The Delaware Bar Exam – how to sign up; what is required

The Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) handles the implementation of all rules related to the certification of attorneys for the Supreme Court and administers the Bar Exam.  The BBE website is

This website will detail all the information necessary for the applicant to take the Delaware Bar and includes access to the application and lists all requirements.

The Bar Application is an electronic application and is located on the Board’s website. All required documents and information must be uploaded with the Application at the time of filing. Applications filed that are not complete will be rejected and will not be considered by the Board. Refer to the Application instructions for a complete list of what must be filed with an Application.

Fingerprinting and Background Checks – All applicants must be fingerprinted.  Refer to the BBE website for more information as to how to do this.  You are urged to submit all background check requests to the federal and Delaware state bureaus of investigation as soon as possible, as the completed checks must be uploaded to your bar application not later than September 1. It can often take 90 days or more to receive your background checks. Character and Fitness Investigations will not be done on Applicants who have not submitted these reports.