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For more than 85 years the Delaware State Bar Association has organized and united the lawyers who practice in the State of Delaware and served as their professional association
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Upcoming Live Seminars

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Attorney Skills Development: Best Practices for Representing Clients in Superior Court Rule 16 Mediations
1.0 hour CLE credit (includes 0.5 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Delaware State Bar Association
Georgetown - Tunnell & Raysor
This seminar will assist attorneys to hone their skills representing clients in mediations taking place pursuant to Superior Court Civil Rule 16.  The following topics will be covered:  deciding when mediation will be most effective, communicating with opposing counsel concerning mediation, preparing effective mediation statements, advocating effectively and appropriately during the mediation conference, and preparing your client and yourself for the mediation conference. DSB09162015ATTOR

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Medicare Basics: Advising Your Clients
1.0 hour CLE credit
Delaware State Bar Association
Georgetown - Tunnell & Raysor
This seminar will cover: 1) who qualifies, 2) enrollment, 3) options or co-ordination of benefits for working beneficiaries or spouses of working or retired beneficiaries with employer provided coverage, 4) what Medicare does and does not cover, and 5) the options of original Medicare plus the Medicare supplemental insurance policy and prescription drug plan versus a Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage. DSB09242015MEDIC

Friday, September 25, 2015
Supreme Court Review 2015: A Discussion of Decisions at the Highest State and Federal Judicial Levels (9/25/15)
3.3 hours CLE credit
Delaware State Bar Association
Georgetown - Tunnell & Raysor
Professor Alan E. Garfield, Distinguished Professor of Law at the Delaware Law School, will discuss significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and Ashley R. Altschuler, Esquire, Gretchen S. Knight, Esquire, Cassandra Faline Roberts, Esquire, Joseph R. Slights III, Esquire, and Nicole Marie Walker, Esquire will talk about leading Delaware Supreme Court decisions. DSB09252015SUPRE

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Delaware Law Review 15.2

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The 2015 Delaware Legal Directory

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The Veasey Report

Click here to access the complete document, “Report of Independent Counsel on Investigation of Violations of Delaware Campaign Finance and Related State Laws”

Voluntary Good Practices Guidelines

Voluntary Good Practices Guidance to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
The Voluntary Good Practices Guidance for Lawyers to Detect and Combat Money Laundering and
Terrorist Financing (the “Voluntary Guidance”) has been developed by the ABA Task Force on Gatekeeper
Regulation in the Profession, working with other state and local bar associations, including with members of
the Delaware State Bar Association, and specialty bar […]

Final Report of Survey of DSBA Members To Assess the Presence of Conditions that Hinder Their Practice of Law

Click here to access the DSBA Disabilities Survey Report conducted on behalf of the Delaware State Bar Association by the Center for Community Research and Service in the School of Public Policy and Administration of the University of Delaware.

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