This committee provides peer counseling and support to lawyers overburdened by personal or practice-related problems. It offers help to lawyers who, during difficult times, may need assistance in meeting law practice demands. The members of this committee, individually or as a team, will help with the time and energy needed to keep a law practice operating smoothly and to protect clients. Call a member if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Karen Jacobs Louden, Co-Chair
I. Barry Guerke, Co-Chair
Dennis L. Schrader, Co-Chair
Sidney Balick
Victor F. Battaglia, Sr.
Dawn L. Becker
Robert K. Beste, Jr.
Vincent A. Bifferato, Sr.
Mary C. Boudart
Crystal L. Carey
Michael D. Carr
Ben T. Castle
Thomas P. Conaty IV
Curtis J. Crowther
Edward Curley
Gary R. Dodge
Shawn Dougherty
Mark F. Dunkle
David J. Ferry, Jr.
David C. Gagne
Robert D. Goldberg
James D. Griffin
Thomas Herlihy III
Glenn E. Hitchens
Clay T. Jester
Hon. Peter B. Jones
Richard I. G. Jones, Jr.
Rebecca Batson Kidner
Bayard Marin
James J. Maron
Wayne A. Marvel
James G. McMillan III
Omar Y. McNeill
Michael F. McTaggart
Francis E. Mieczkowski, Jr.
Paulette Sullivan Moore
Michele L. Muldoon
Frank E. Noyes II
Elizabeth Y. Olsen
Donald E. Reid
David B. Ripsom
Kenneth M. Roseman
Thomas D. Runnels
H. Murray Sawyer, Jr.
R. Judson Scaggs, Jr.
Mary E. Sherlock
Edward A. Tarlov
Hon. Charles Toliver
Karen L. Valihura
Piet H. van Ogtrop
Kevin E. Walsh
David A. White
David N. Williams
Helen L. Winslow
Hon. William L. Witham, Jr.
Psychiatrist – Dr. Carol Tavani