About the Litigation Section

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Litigation Section

It is the mission of the DSBA’s Litigation Section to promote and advance the interests of attorneys and the judiciary in the litigation of civil matters, consistent with DSBA principles. The Section strives to: (i) enhance communication between the bench and the bar; (ii) promote the professional development and interests of its members; (iii) improve its members’ public service in advancing civil matters in this State; and (iv) to serve the community in which its members live and practice. In seeking to promote a common meeting ground for all attorneys who represent litigants in this State, the Section promotes and enhances communication by and between its members in ways that both enrich their professional careers and foster professionalism and camaraderie.

Section Events, Meetings & Information


Officers and Committee Members

Ryan Connell
Vice Chair Douglas Cummings
Secretary Adam Orlacchio Immediate Past-Chair David Dorey
Council Member David Felice Council Member Travis S. Hunter
Council Member Mary Dugan Council Member Tom Kovach
Council Member  Onofrio de Gennaro


On June 2, 2011, the Superior Court adopted the Bench-Bar Liaison Program.
The Administrative Order and list of liaisons is available here.

Minutes of prior meetings

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April 15, 2004 (Minutes)
November 16, 2005 (Minutes)
January 18, 2006 (Minutes)
March 27, 2009 (Minutes)
September 10, 2009 (Minutes)
June 22, 2010 (Minutes)
September 14, 2010 (Minutes)
October 19, 2010 (Minutes)
December 9, 2010 (Minutes)
February 17, 2011 (Minutes)
March 22, 2011 (Minutes)
April 14, 2011 (Minutes)
June 2, 2011 (Agenda)
September 11, 2012 (Minutes)
October 9, 2012 (Minutes)
November 13, 2012 (Minutes)
January 15, 2013 (Minutes)
February 12, 2013 (Minutes)
March 12, 2013 (Minutes)
April 25, 2013 (Minutes)
May 14, 2013 (Minutes)
Sep 10, 2013 (Minutes)
Oct 8, 2013 (Minutes)
Nov 12, 2013 (Minutes)
Jan 15, 2014 (Minutes)
Feb 18, 2014 (Minutes)

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