Statement of Purpose

The general purposes of the Section are to further the objectives of the Delaware State Bar Association (the “DSBA”), further the interests of attorneys, judges and members of the global community, foster communication and understanding among groups within both the legal and greater community, encourage the international public service rendered by its Members and promote the professional development and international interests of its Members.


Lakshmi A. Muthu

Meryem Dede

Vice Chair
Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena

Kaan Ekiner

Section Events, Meetings & Information

Schedule of meetings
The Section typically meets monthly at noon by phone.  The date, time, and dial-in information for each meeting is disseminated via the Section’s listserv.



Upcoming Events of Interest



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For information regarding Sections, please contact Janice Myrick, Director of Bar Services and Membership.
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