Section Officers: 2015 – 2016

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chair: Suzanne Hill Holly

Vice Chair: William D. Johnston

Secretary: Curtis J. Crowther

Bankruptcy Law

Chair: Steven K. Kortanek

Vice Chair: (consumer bankruptcy): Erin K. Brignola

Vice Chair: (commercial bankruptcy): Kimberly A. LaMaina

Secretary: Jeremy W. Ryan

Commercial Law

Chair: Stephen M. Lukes, Jr.

Vice Chair: R. Jason Russell

Secretary: Amelia R. Messa

Corporate Counsel

Co-Chair: Laura Beth Taylor

Co-Chair: Mary E. Bowler

Vice Chair: Jeremy D. Anderson

Secretary: Jonathan G. Strauss

Corporation Law

Chair: Matthew J. O’Toole

Vice Chair: P. Clarkson Collins, Jr.

Secretary: James D. Honaker

Criminal Defense Law

Chair: TBA

Vice Chair: TBA

Secretary: TBA

E-Discovery & Technology Law

Co-Chair: William R. Denny

Co-Chair: James D. Heisman

Vice Chair: James H.S. Levine

Secretary: Bruce W. McCullough

Elder Law

Chair: Robert M. Kleiner

Vice Chair: Deidre O’Shea McCartney

Secretary: Jennifer K. Ellsworth-Aults

Environmental Law

Chair: Todd Anthony Coomes

Vice Chair: Stephanie L. Hansen

Secretary: Devera Breeding Scott

Estates & Trusts

Chair: Daniel F. Hayward

Vice Chair: Scott E. Swenson

Secretary: Mark E. Doyle

Family Law

Chair: Patrick J. Boyer

Vice Chair: George Tsakataras

Secretary: Julie H. Yeager

Government & Consumer Law

Chair: Marlaine A. White

Vice Chair: Jaclyn L. Quinn

Secretary: Mary F. Higgins

Health Law

Chair: Christopher E. Ezold

Co-Vice Chair: Benjamin A. Schwartz

Co-Vice Chair: Nathan Trexler

Secretary: Tiphanie P. Miller

Intellectual Property

Chair: TBA

Vice Chair: TBA

Secretary: TBA

International Law

Chair: Elena C. Norman

Vice Chair: TBA

Secretary: TBA

Labor & Employment Law

Chair: Lauren Moak Russell

Vice Chair: Mary I. Akhimien

Secretary: Matthew P. Donelson


Chair: Ryan Maerz

Vice Chair: Thomas P. Carney



Chair: Douglas J. Cummings, Jr.

Vice Chair: Adam V. Orlacchio

Secretary: Patricia Winston

Multicultural Judges & Lawyers

Chair: Tamika A. Crawl-Bey

Vice Chair: Natasha M. Songonuga

Secretary: Christofer C. Johnson

Real & Personal Property

Chair: Valerie M. Carr

Vice Chair: Peter S. Kirsh

Secretary: Stephen A. Spence

Small Firms & Solo Practitioners

Chair: Denise D. Nordheimer

Vice Chair: Robert M. Kleiner

Secretary: William P. Brady

Social Security Disability

Chair: Steven L. Butler

Co-Vice Chair: Karen Y. Vicks

Co-Vice Chair: Angela Pinto Ross


Chair: Robert J. Tuinstra, Jr.

Vice Chair: Jennifer E. Smith

Secretary: Andrew T. O’Neill

Torts & Insurance Practice

Chair: Samuel D. Pratcher III

Vice Chair: Vicki L. Shoemaker

Secretary: TBA

Women and the Law

Co-Chair: Natalie S. Woloshin

Co-Chair: Kathleen M. Miller

Secretary: Kyle Evans Gay

Worker’s Compensation

Chair: Cassandra Faline Roberts

Vice Chair: Stephen T. Morrow

Secretary: Keri L. Morris-Johnston

Young Lawyers

Chair: Alessandra Glorioso

Vice Chair (New Castle County): Jenny R. Kasen

Vice Chair (Kent & Sussex County): Kyle E. Gay

Secretary: Jason D. Warren