Membership in sections allows lawyers to meet colleagues who share their interest in a special field of law, to receive section publications and to receive advance notification of proposed legislation. Membership in committees provides an opportunity for leadership in service to the Association, to the legal community and to the public in numerous areas.

Click here for the 2014-2015 Annual Section Reports.

Section Officers: 2014 – 2015

Alternative Dispute Resolution Chair: Richard R. Wier, Jr.
Vice Chair: Suzanne Hill Holly
Secretary: Margaret E. Juliano
Bankruptcy Law Chair: William P. Bowden
Co-Vice Chair: (consumer bankruptcy): Erin K. Brignola
Co-Vice Chair: (commercial bankruptcy): Steven K. Kortanek
Secretary: Kimberly A. LaMaina
Commercial Law Chair: Michael W. Whittaker
Vice Chair: Stephen M. Lukes, Jr.
Secretary: R. Jason Russell
Corporate Counsel Co-Chair: Laura Beth Taylor
Co-Chair: Mary E. Bowler
Vice Chair: Meredith L. Carter
Secretary: Jonathan G. Strauss
Corporation Law Chair: Norman M. Monhait
Vice Chair: John F. Grossbauer
Secretary: Bruce E. Jameson
Criminal Defense Law Chair: Patrick J. Collins
Vice Chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
E-Discovery & Technology Law Co-Chair: William R. Denny
Co-Chair: James D. Heisman
Vice Chair: James H.S. Levine
Secretary: Bruce W. McCullough
Elder Law Chair: Kathleen DeLacy
Vice Chair: Joseph Bosik IV
Secretary: Robert M. Kleiner
Environmental Law Chair: Todd Anthony Coomes
Vice Chair: Stephanie L. Hansen
Secretary: Devera Breeding Scott
Estates & Trusts Chair: Jocelyn Margolin Borowsky
Vice Chair: Daniel F. Hayward
Secretary: Scott E. Swenson
Family Law Chair: Achille C. Scache
Vice Chair: Patrick J. Boyer
Secretary: Jill Di Sciullo
Government & Consumer Law Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Health Law Co-Chair: Benjamin A. Schwartz
Co-Chair: Robert C. Collins II
Vice Chair: Shannon L. Brainard
Secretary: Tiphanie P. Miller
Intellectual Property Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
International Law Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Labor & Employment Law Chair: Lindsay B. Orr
Vice Chair: Lauren Moak Russell
Secretary: Mary I. Akhimien
LGBT Chair: Anthony Flynn, Jr.
Vice Chair: Ryan Maerz
Secretary: Evangelos Kostoulas
Litigation Chair: Douglas J. Cummings, Jr.
Vice Chair: Adam V. Orlacchio
Secretary: Patricia Winston
Multicultural Judges & Lawyers Chair:Tabatha L. Castro
Vice Chair: Tamika A. Crawl-Bey
Secretary: Aysha L. Gregory
Real & Personal Property Chair: Valerie M. Carr
Vice Chair: Peter S. Kirsh
Secretary: Stephen A. Spence
Small Firms & Solo Practitioners Co-Chair: Johanna M. Darby
Vice Chair: Steven L. Butler
Social Security Disability Chair: Gary C. Linarducci
Co-Vice Chair: Steven L. Butler
Co-Vice Chair: Karen Y. Vicks
Taxation Chair: Joseph Bosik IV
Vice Chair: Robert J. Tuinstra, Jr.
Secretary: Jennifer E. Smith
Torts & Insurance Practice Chair: Samuel D. Pratcher III
Vice Chair: Vicki L. Shoemaker
Secretary: TBA
Women and the Law Co-Chair: Patricia R. Urban
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Wilburn Joyce
Vice Chair: Natalie S. Woloshin
Secretary: Margaret E. Juliano
Worker’s Compensation Chair: Matthew R. Fogg
Vice Chair: Cassandra Faline Roberts
Secretary: Stephen T. Morrow
Young Lawyers Chair: Evan T. Miller
Vice Chair (New Castle County): Amanda R. Steele
Vice Chair (Kent & Sussex County): Alessandra Glorioso
Secretary: Jenny R. Kasen