The following videos are available for viewing for CLE credit at the Delaware State Bar Association office, 405 N. King St., Suite, 100, Wilmington, DE 19801. The fee is $50.00 per hour for members and $100.00 for nonmembers. The videos cannot be used for Pennsylvania CLE credit. To schedule a video viewing for Delaware credit, please call our office at (302) 658-5279. Payment is requested at time of CLE viewing.

ADR Contractual Provisions: Best Practices and Recent Developments (Recorded on 2/12/14)
1.5 hours CLE credit
Global consumers of various forms of alternative dispute resolution will discuss with ADR professionals the optimal use of ADR contractual provisions. The interactive format will highlight drafting flexibility and explore what works and what doesn’t. DSB02122014ADR_C
Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Law (Recorded on 4/15/15)
1.5 hours CLE credit
The seminar will focus on parentage under Delaware's Uniform Parentage Act, Delaware's Gestational Surrogacy Act, and building families through assisted reproduction. DSB04152015ASSIS
Attorney Skills Development: Best Practices for Representing Clients in Superior Court Rule 16 Mediations (9/16/15)
1.0 hour CLE credit (includes 0.5 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
This seminar will assist attorneys to hone their skills representing clients in mediations taking place pursuant to Superior Court Civil Rule 16.  The following topics will be covered:  deciding when mediation will be most effective, communicating with opposing counsel concerning mediation, preparing effective mediation statements, advocating effectively and appropriately during the mediation conference, and preparing your client and yourself for the mediation conference. DSB09162015ATTOR
Bench and Bar Conference 2014: A View from the Bench: Preferred Procedures, Proper Practices, and Pet Peeves and The Technology of Today and The Issues of Tomorrow - (Recorded on 6/4/14)
3.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
A View from the Bench: Preferred Procedures, Proper Practices, and Pet Peeves: A distinguished judicial panel will discuss best practices, preferences and inappropriate conduct – both inside and out of the courtroom. The Technology of Today and The Issues of Tomorrow: We all use technology in our practice. It works fine until it fails, and the one thing about which we can all be sure is “It Will Fail”. Listen to the experts on matters relating to security, social media and mobile technology. -- DSB06042014BENCH
Bench and Bar Conference 2015: View from the Bench and View from the Bar (Recorded on 5/15/15)
3.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Part I: View from the Bench (1.5 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics). Esteemed members of the Bench from all Delaware Courts will discuss best practices, preferences, practical instruction, and pet peeves. Plenty of tips and insights, plus opinions on inappropriate conduct will be offered for new and seasoned attorneys — for both in and out of the courtroom. Know thy judge! Part II: View from the Bar (1.5 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics). To help meet the challenges of the future, under the direction of Chief Justice Leo E. Strine, Jr., extensive interviews were conducted with over 100 members of the Bar to give them the opportunity to provide confidential input about how the court system is doing. All Delaware Courts were covered by the survey. This seminar will discuss the findings from the in-person interviews plus some of the results of an electronic poll that was sent to the entire Bar prior to the Conference. The Court asked for your opinions using questions that ranged from logistical matters to work-life balance. Now is your chance to hear how Delaware Courts are faring and to hear about how your responses will be used to develop a policy agenda for the future! DSB05152015BENCH
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Corporate Governance for Nonprofit Organizations (Recorded on 5/11/15)
2.0 hours CLE credit (includes 0.5 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Questions to Ask the Nonprofit Organization (and Yourself) before Committing to Board Service and Understanding Your Role on the Board; Discussion of the Current State of Delaware Law with Respect to the Fiduciary Duties of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations and Liability and Limitations on Liability; Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations and the Most Critical Questions that Every Nonprofit Organization Should Address. DSB05112015CORPO
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Cyber Liability: Protecting Your Firm's Confidential Data (Recorded on 4/1/14)
2.0 hours CLE credit
The technology and amount of confidential data on which a law firm relies to conduct its business can also significantly increase its vulnerability to cyber security threats. Learn about cyber exposure, federal and state regulations, breach-related costs, risk management and insurance. Best practices will be discussed to help address the array of risks associated with running a law firm in today’s technology-dependent world. - DSB04012014CYBER
Cyber Security for Law Firms: Ignorance Is Not a Defense (9/30/15)
1.5 hours CLE credit
In today's wireless world, cyber attacks on both large and small law firms are becoming increasingly common. You've seen that hackers are targeting more law firms, and you should know that a lawyer's professional liability insurance only covers limited cyber exposures. Learn how to protect your systems and keep your firm's electronic data safe and secure. DSB09302015CYBER
Data Privacy: Technical Modesty in the Age of Oversharing (Recorded on 3/11/14)
1.0 hour CLE credit
In a post-Edward Snowden and post-Angela Merkel tapped cellphone world, our clients and customers are more aware of their private data than ever. Many are asking who can see the information they share with businesses--and those who aren’t asking, should be. Amy R. Worley, from McGuire Woods LLP’s Data Privacy and Security Team, examines three data privacy questions: 1) What is privacy? 2) What standards apply to the protection of private information? and 3) Why should my business care? Ms. Worley covers the two frameworks under which privacy is regulated. The United States and Japan use the horizontal model, which regulates privacy by industry. The EU, UK, and much of Asia use vertical regulation, and regulate privacy under a generally applicable data privacy law. She also covers the four most highly regulated areas for data privacy in the U.S.: healthcare, financial services, telecom, and education. Key laws applicable to each sector are discussed, including but not limited to, FACTA, the Disposal Rule, the Red Flags Rule, the GLBA, the Safe Harbor under GLBA, FERPA, Know your Customer, Dodd Frank, “Robo-calls”, and CPNI under the Telecom Act. Employment and privacy are also discussed. - DSB03112014DATA_
Dealing with a Difficult Client 2014 (Recorded on 1/28/14)
4.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Taking Positions Recommended by the Client: The Bounds of Zealous Advocacy; Avoiding Disciplinary Complaints from Clients; Working with the Difficult Client and Practicing Before the Difficult Judge, Tactfully; Lawyers Assistance Program; Professional Guidance Committee; Common Ethical Pitfalls with Family Court Appointments - DSB01282014DEALI
Delaware Administrative Law: Practicing before Delaware’s Boards and Commissions (Recorded on 2/25/14)
3.0 hours CLE credit
I. Delaware Administrative Law: Creation and Development, Current Legal Landscape, Recent Case Decisions of Interest; II. The Delaware Freedom of Information Act: Open Meeting Requirements, FOIA Requests in adversarial actions; III. The Delaware Administrative Procedures Act: Regulation Promulgation, Case Decisions, Judicial Review - ADR02252014DELAW
Delaware's Business Courts: Recent Developments and Best Practices (Recorded on 5/16/14)
3.5 hours CLE credit
Developments in Delaware's Business Courts and Delaware's Role in Business and Commercial Litigation Nationally; The Complementary Nature of The Court of Chancery and The Superior Court Complex Commercial Litigation Division and Selection of Venue; CCLD Update: History, Purpose, Statistics and Current Docket; Best Practices including Expert Discovery, E-Discovery and Technology Available in Delaware Courts - DSB05162014DELAW
Enhance Your People Skills and Be a Better Lawyer (Recorded on 11/13/14)
4.8 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
No matter how well you know the law, to be most effective as an attorney you also need good skills with people. Just as you need to continually add to your knowledge of the law, so do you need to become ever more effective in interacting with your clients, your co-workers, people in the court system and beyond. This seminar focuses on valuable techniques, strategies, and principles to apply not only to your own clients, but also with those across the table. The topics discussed in this seminar impact professional civility and advance the goal of professionalism. When you increase your skills in working with others, you increase your ability to succeed in almost all aspects of work and life. This seminar is for everyone in the legal field. - DSB11132014ENHAN
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Environmental Law 2014 (Recorded on 4/11/14)
3.5 hours CLE credit
Sea Level Rise: The Coming Tidal Wave of Legal Issues; Clean Air Act: Air Transport & Other Good Neighbor Provisions; Environmental Caselaw Update; Environmental Due Diligence Update; Financing Mechanisms for Public Environmental Infrastructures- DSB04112014ENVIR
Environmental Law 2015 (Recorded on 4/28/15)
3.5 hours CLE credit
Freshwater Wetlands Jurisdiction in Delaware; Keynote Address by Shawn M. Garvin, Regional Administrator of the United States EnvironmentalProtection Agency, Region III; Brownfields & Redevelopment; Amendments to the Delaware UST/AST Regulations; Chronic Violator. DSB04282015ENVIR
Ethical and Strategic Considerations of Cloud Computing in the Practice of Law (Recorded on 6/9/15)
1.5 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Tipping Point of Technology for the Legal Profession: That Was Then, This is Now, Traditional practice and case management, Professional obligations of the attorney, Cloud Computing , The cloud defined, Types of clouds, Evolution of cloud computing in the practice of law, Web-based Mail IS Cloud Computing. Professional Rules of Conduct: ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20—August 2009, Ethical Concerns Relating to Client Data Stored in the Cloud as per DE Rules of Professional Conduct, Standard of Reasonable Care for Delaware, Ethics 20/20 Proposals, Delaware Supreme Court Commission on Law & Technology, Vetting the service provider, The Service Level Agreement DSB06092015ETHIC
Ethical Issues in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Recorded on 6/3/15)
1.0 hour CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Mediation presumes that two equally powerful parties can rely on a neutral process to arrive at a resolution of their disputes.  This theory presumes equality between the parties, an understanding of the process and a reliance on a mediator to constantly ensure the mediator’s own neutrality and insulation from pressures from the court and others to resolve the dispute.  This raises many ethical issues for all parties involved: the attorneys advising clients in the mediation and the mediators resolving the dispute.  This CLE will address recent ethics opinions from neighboring states as well as ethical guidelines with a panel of mediators and attorneys from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. DSB06032015ETHIC
Ethics in Litigation 2015 (Recorded on 2/9/15)
1.0 hour CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
This seminar will cover recent trends in disciplinary matters and will offer tips on how to avoid ethical complaints. Topics include when to retain counsel, self-reporting to ODC, candor to a tribunal, advance fees and fee agreements, declining or terminating representation and safekeeping property. DSB02092015ETHIC
Ethics in Social Media from Judge Haile Alford Memorial Breakfast (Recorded on 5/21/15)
1.0 hour CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Ethics of Deposition Technology (Recorded on 12/8/14)
1.0 hour CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Basic foundation of client representation; Affirmative duty to apply technology: Cost-benefit analysis; Deposition technologies and related ethical considerations: Videotaped depositions; Realtime, both standard and Internet; Remotely-conducted depositions; Electronic communications during depositions; Online repositories; Ethical considerations of service providers. - DSB12082014ETHIC
Family Law Update 2013 (Recorded on 12/13/13)
6.3 hours CLE credit (includes 1.3 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
Shared Residential Placement; Legal Ethics and Social Media; The Intersection of Family Law and Bankruptcy; New This Year: Changes in the Law and Rules; Visitation Center 101; Case Law Update – DSB12132013FAMIL
Family Law Update 2014 (Recorded on 12/12/14)
6.3 hours CLE credit
Identifying and Valuing Unique Marital Assets in Divorce Litigation; Best Practices and Common Mistakes in Drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders;  An Overview of the Family Court in 2014; Best Practices In Mandatory Family Court Mediation; Child Support 2015; Changes to the Substantiation Statute; Case Law Update - DSB12122014FAMIL
Fundamentals of Civil Litigation 2014 (Recorded on 5/16/14)
6.0 hours CLE credit
Court of Common Pleas Practice; Delaware Superior Court Practice; Court of Chancery Practice; U.S. District Court Practice; Delaware Supreme Court Practice; U.S. Bankruptcy Court Practice - DSB05162014FUNDA
Fundamentals of Lawyer/Client Relations (Recorded on 2/25/15)
4.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Representing a client is a complex process governed by an abundance of rules. Indeed, it requires an attorney to advocate for, work with, and direct a client, all at the same time. This seminar will tell you what the limits are for zealously advocating for your client, how to work with that difficult client, how to follow the rules of professional conduct, and what resources are available to you when you have questions about a particular issue. Topics: The Bounds of Zealous Advocacy; Avoiding Disciplinary Complaints; Working with the Difficult Client; Lawyers Assistance Program and Professional Guidance Committee; Your Client and Ethical Considerations in Alternative Dispute Resolution. DSB02252015FUNDA
Fundamentals of Real Estate 2015 (Recorded on 2/10/15)
6.8 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
If you are new to real and personal property law, either as a new admittee or if you’re handling a pro bono case or just need a refresher, this seminar is invaluable. Topics covered are Title Searches, Land Use Regulations, The Relationship Between Attorneys and Title Companies, Protecting Your Escrow Accounts, Agreements of Sale, and Mortgage and Residential Financing will be discussed by experts in the field, and an ethics update will be presented by Chief Disciplinary Counsel Kate Aaronson. DSB02102015FUNDA
Fundamentals of Will Drafting (Recorded on 5/13/14)
4.0 hours CLE credit
Considerations in Will Drafting; Dispositive Provisions; Testamentary Trusts, including trusts for minors and appointment of guardians for minors; Appointment of Fiduciaries and Administrative Powers of Fiduciaries; Tax Elections and Apportionment Provisions; Definitions; Tax Considerations - DSB05132014FUNDA
Health Care and Aging: Navigating the Challenges (Recorded on 4/29/14)
6.0 hours CLE credit
Preventing and Identifying Elder Abuse and Neglect; Planning for Long Term Care with an Elder Client; Expanding Medicare Rolls, Increasing Scrutiny: Provider Enrollment and Audits and Investigations; Assessing Cognitive Ability: Getting it Right and the Consequences of Getting it Wrong; DMOST and Advance Health Care Directives - DSB04292014HEALT
Healthy Lawyers Make for a Healthy Profession (Recorded on Wednesdays (4/15/15 - 5/6/15)
3.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
You are your law practice, and without you, there is no service to clients. Practicing law means more than legal expertise. It means those physical, mental, and psychological qualities that enable you to carry out the responsibilities owed to clients and the legal profession. This CLE program is a series of three seminars. Registration is by individual programs or by the series. DSB04152015HEALT
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IP and the Corporate Lawyer (Recorded on 9/23/14)
2.5 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
For the joint venture or strategic alliance of jointly developed IP, do you collaborate together or go it alone? This seminar will provide the corporate lawyer with information on the various structures available and will cover the ethical implications involved in these transactions. What are your client's motivations for collaboration? What are the consequences of failing to manage the process, or failing to monitor your collaboration partner? This seminar will provide a working knowledge of this important process. DSB09232014IP_AN
Labor and Employment Law Update 2014 (Recorded on 4/3/14)
5.0 hours CLE credit
Benefits Compliance following U.S. v. Windsor; Gender Identity Non-Discrimination; EOC Trends and Enforcement Priorities; Guns in the Workplace: State and Federal Legal Considerations; USERRA: What Every Employer Should Know - DSB04032014LABOR
Labor and Employment Law Update 2015 (Recorded on 3/27/15)
5.0 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
OSHA: What Every Employer Should Know about the 2015 Updates to the OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting Rules; Legislative Developments in Delaware; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Hot Topics; Recent Developments at the Delaware Merit Employee Relations Board; Common Ethical Pitfalls of Practitioners with Respect to Mobile Technology. DSB03272015LABOR
Legal Standard for Civil Commitment: Updates, Procedures, and Ethical Issues (Recorded on 10/9/14)
3.0 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Respondents in civil involuntary commitment hearings are entitled to legal representation, even if they cannot afford counsel. However, civil involuntary commitment hearings can often be confusing for attorneys because they involve quick time frames, clients who may have compromised capacity, and specialized medical assessments. Additionally, Delaware recently completed an overhaul of its civil commitment law, making changes to the legal standard for civil commitment. This course is designed to give attorneys a working knowledge of civil commitment proceedings, with special emphasis on recent changes to the law, court procedures, working with individuals with mental health needs, and ethical issues, which may arise. DSB10092014LEGAL
Legislative Drafting Seminar (Recorded on 10/14/14)
3.0 hours CLE credit
This seminar will introduce you to the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual and will offer tips for drafting accurate, clear and uniform legislation. As The Honorable Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, said, "To be sure, laws can measurably be improved with improvement in the mechanics of legislation, and the need for interpretation is usually in inverse ratio to the care and imagination of [drafters] . . ..” If you work on drafting legislation, comment on proposed legislation, or just need to know how legislation is composed, watch this video. DSB10142014LEGIS
Magna Carta with Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the U. S. Supreme Court (Recorded on May 19, 2015)
1.0 hour CLE credit
Managing E-Discovery Effectively: Meeting the Expectations of Your Clients and the Court (Recorded on 10/15/15)
3.0 hours CLE credit (includes 1.5 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
Survey of E-Discovery Practice Issues and Recent Developments; Finding the Right Balance: Lawyer, Vendor, and Client Roles in the E-Discovery Process; Views from the Bench and Bar: Judicial and Practitioner Perspectives on Attorneys’ Ethical Obligations to the Court and Their Clients. DSB10152015MANAG
Mediation in Commercial Bankruptcy (Recorded on 12/10/14)
6.3 hours CLE credit (includes 1.8 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
The seminar investigates the origins and growth of alternative dispute resolution in Delaware commercial bankruptcy practice, as well as practical considerations and discussions of preparation for and participation in mediation. Whether you are an experienced mediator or practitioner, learn not only the Court’s expectations, but also how to successfully run mediations to reach the best results for your clients. - DSB12102014MEDIA
Medicare Basics: Advising Your Clients (Recorded on 9/24/15)
1.0 hour CLE credit
This seminar will cover: 1) who qualifies, 2) enrollment, 3) options or coordination of benefits for working beneficiaries or spouses of working or retired beneficiaries with employer provided coverage, 4) what Medicare does and does not cover, and 5) the options of original Medicare plus the Medicare supplemental insurance policy and prescription drug plan versus a Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage. DSB09242015MEDIC
No Exceptions Compliance Audits (Recorded on 11/18/14)
2.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
This seminar is a continuation and recap of the September 16, 2014 program about maintaining a law firm's books and records in compliance with Delaware's Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct. Bring your questions, comments, and examples, and learn, not only from LFCP auditor Judy Scarborough, CPA, CVA, CFF, but from the other attendees who will be sharing issues and asking questions about matters that you'll probably need to know. This seminar is for attorneys, accountants, legal administrators, bookkeepers, and any legal professional who is involved in financial recordkeeping for an attorney. - DSB11182014NO_EX
No Exceptions Compliance Audits (Recorded on 9/16/14)
2.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
Learn the requirements and best practices of maintaining a law firm’s books and records in compliance with the Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct. Get tips to prepare for, and have, a no exception compliance audit. This seminar is for attorneys, accountants, legal administrators, bookkeepers, and any legal professional who is involved in financial recordkeeping for an attorney. DSB09162014NO-EX
Nuts and Bolts of Work/Life Balance (Recorded on 9/9/14)
3.0 hours CLE credit in Enhanced Ethics
The single most important asset in any law practice is you, the lawyer. Good health and work balance are essential to the lawyer and the law practice. Fitness to practice law means more than legal expertise. It also means those qualities of physical, mental, and psychological health that enable a lawyer to carry out the responsibilities owed to clients and to the legal profession.DSB09092014NUTS_
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Office and Trial Practice 2014 (Recorded on 10/29/14)
6.8 hours CLE credit (includes 4.0 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
This year's program features former Chief Justice of Rhode Island, Frank J. Williams, a noted Lincoln scholar, discussing “Lincoln - A Litigator and A Judge.” The morning program brings our all-star speakers discussing Ethical Problems in Family Law, Taking Care of Your Client By Taking Care of Yourself, Rules for Practicing Lawyers to Follow, Cutting Edge Issues on Social Media Ethics, Practical Ethics in Representing Clients. Following Justice Williams is a panel on deposition practice, then Order in the Court: What Delaware Judges Want You to Know, with five prominent judges. DSB10292014OFFIC
Office and Trial Practice 2015 (Recorded on 10/19/15)
7.0 hours CLE credit (includes 5.0 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
The Basics in Starting Up a Law Practice; Common Ethics Traps; Ethical Problems in Corporate Litigation; Social Media Ethics Update; The Ethics and Principles of Witness Preparation in Civil and Criminal Cases; Magna Carta, 1225 - 2015; Learn Ten Office Practice Technology Tips Without Glazing Over; Ethics in the Office; DSB10192015OFFIC
Recent Developments in Delaware Corporate Law: Transactional and Litigation Perspectives (Recorded on 5/28/15)
4.0 hours CLE credit
Transactional Panel: The Client Wants to Buy a Company - How to Manage Applicable Delaware Law; Litigation Panel: Corporate Litigation from Start to Finish. DSB05282015RECEN
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Recognizing Social Security Disability Claims, Protecting Your Client's Interests, and Electronically Reviewing Medical Information (Recorded on 12/17/13)
2.5 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Social Security Disability: Ethical Obligations to Consider When Representing Individuals for Workers Compensation or PI Claims; Reviewing Electronic Records Using the iPad: Overview of Transferring Files and Annotating Them on Your Mobile Device; Top Social Security Disability Tips: Determine when a Social Security Disability Claim May Exist – DSB12172013RECOG
Reverse Mortgages 2014 (Recorded on 11/3/14)
2.0 hours CLE credit
This seminar is a recap of the 2013 seminar plus important updates from 2014. Fundamentals of Reverse Mortgages; New Principal Limit Factor; New Withdrawal Guidelines; Non-Borrowing Spouse Rules; Mandatory Obligations (60% Rule); New Government Insurance Fee (0.5% VS 2.5%); Annuitized Monthly Check Scenarios; Costs of Reverse Mortgages - DSB11032014REVER
Role of the Ad Litem Attorney in Court of Chancery Guardianships (11/13/15)
3.8 hours CLE credit
Overview of the Guardianship Process; The Role of the AAL; Contested Proceedings or "How Family Feud Gets Played in Chancery Court"; A View from the Bench: The Masters' Perspective on the Role of the AAL and Contested Guardianship Matters in Chancery Court. DSB11132015ROLE
Rubenstein-Walsh Seminar in Professionalism and Ethics 2014 (Recorded on 2/21/14)
6.0 hours CLE credit (includes 4.3 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
Ethical Hot Spots; Virtue and Advice: Socratic Perspectives on Lawyer Independence and Moral Counseling of Clients; Delaware Supreme Court Commission on Law & Technology Ethics Update; Social Media Ethics Update; Tips on State and Federal Appellate Practice; Update on Implementation of Obamacare; Ethical Issues in Estate Planning - DSB02212014RUBEN
Rubenstein-Walsh Seminar on Ethics and Professionalism 2015 (Recorded on 2/6/15)
6.5 hours CLE credit (includes 4.0 hours Enhanced Ethics credit)
This special program honors one of its founders, Justice Joseph T. Walsh, and features a stellar array of experienced judges and practitioners offering insights on numerous practice areas. The topics covered fulfill the biennial four-hour ethics requirement and highlight the latest developments relating to practice in Delaware’s state and federal courts. PROGRAM: A Man for All Seasons: Justice Joseph T. Walsh; Delaware’s Disciplinary Tribunals: A Judicial Perspective; Ethical Issues in Fee Agreements, Billing, and Settlements; Duties and Threats to Report Attorney Misconduct; The Difficult Client Opposing Counsel Judge Self; Deposition Dos and Don’ts; Update on the ACTL/DSBA State Courts Project; When at 9th & King: Federal District Court Practice - DSB02062015RUBEN
Short Topics in Real Estate 2014 (Recorded on 4/10/14)
3.5 hours CLE credit
Land Use Law Update 2013-2014: Questions Answered, but More Questions Created; Discharge of Indebtedness Income: Basic Rules and Planning Considerations; Title Insurance: The Basics; Liens Against Real Property; Nuts, Bolts and Pitfalls of Real Estate Foreclosure Sales: Perspective of the New Castle County Sheriff’s Office - DSB04102014SHORT
Short Topics in Real Estate 2015 (Recorded on 4/7/15)
3.8 hours CLE credit (includes 0.5 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Delaware Property Rights Caselaw Update; Delaware Caselaw Update on Real Estate and Debt Litigation Issues; All Appropriate Inquiries in Due Diligence Update; Ethics Update; Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the New Closing Disclosure for Most Residential Transactions. DSB04072015SHORT
Special Education Advocacy for Students with Disabilities (10/6/15)
3.0 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
History and Overview of Special Education; Advocacy for Students: Common Problems and Solutions; Ethical Considerations; Forums and Remedies to Resolve Special Education Disputes. DSB10062015SPECI
Stories Mediators Tell: From Rookie to Veteran, Exploring the Spectrum of Mediation (Recorded on 10/13/14)
1.5 hours CLE credit
As lawyers and mediators, we understand both the challenges and rewards of helping parties in conflict reach an agreement by getting past differences in positions, by understanding each other’s perspectives better, and by finding ways to get their important interests met, while staying true to their values and belief systems. This year’s theme, Stories Mediators Tell, seeks to recognize and share inspirational stories of practitioners in the field who want others to experience the art of mediation. Their stories share advice on how to handle certain situations, share what mediation is about, and share how certain situations were handled. - DSB10132014STORI
Supreme Court Review 2014: A Discussion of Decisions at the Highest State and Federal Judicial Levels (Recorded on 9/30/14)
3.3 hours CLE credit
Professor Alan E. Garfield, Distinguished Professor of Law at Widener Law, will discuss significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions and Beth H. Christman, Esquire, Patricia O. Vella, Esquire, and Nicole Marie Walker, Esquire, will talk about leading Delaware Supreme Court decisions. - DSB09302014SUPRE
Supreme Court Review 2015: A Discussion of Decisions at the Highest State and Federal Judicial Levels (Recorded on 9/25/15)
3.3 hours CLE credit
Professor Alan E. Garfield, Distinguished Professor of Law at the Delaware Law School, will discuss significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and Ashley R. Altschuler, Esquire, Gretchen S. Knight, Esquire, Cassandra Faline Roberts, Esquire, Joseph R. Slights III, Esquire, and Nicole Marie Walker, Esquire will talk about leading Delaware Supreme Court decisions. DSB09252015SUPRE
Tax Issues Facing Small Businesses (Recorded on 10/28/15)
3.0 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
This CLE will cover a number of tax related decisions facing small business owners, from the proper choice of entity to the liquidation business. Areas covered will include federal taxes and filings, passive loss rules, capitalization versus loans, depreciation, Section 1244 stock, and many more. Topics include: Choice of Entity and Preliminary Tax Considerations and Elections; Tax Implications of Day-to-Day Operations and Liquidations; Ethics Update: A Review of Circular 230. DSB10282015TAX_I
Top Ten Things Every Attorney Needs to Know about Elder Law (Recorded on 11/21/14)
2.0 hours CLE credit
Are you discussing elder law issues with your clients?  How often do clients ask you questions about their elderly loved ones?  About nursing home issues?  About Medicaid, Medicare, VA Benefits and/or gifting?  What do you tell them?  In this 2.0 hour CLE, Elder Law Attorney Karla Levinson will cover The Top Ten Things Every Attorney Needs to Know about Elder Law, which include gifting and asset protection planning within the five year lookback, differences between Medicare and Medicaid, and more! DSB11212014TEN_T
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Understanding Delaware’s Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act:  Practical Implications for Fiduciaries and Their Advisors (Recorded on 1/29/15)
1.5 hours CLE credit
This seminar explores the newly enacted Delaware Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act, effective January 1, 2015, and its significance for trustees, personal representatives of estates, attorneys-in-fact and guardians, as well as the practitioners who represent them. Both the terms of the Act itself and its practical implications, including steps advisors may want to consider in drafting and administering the terms of wills, trusts and powers of attorney, will be considered. DSB01292015UNDER
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Workers' Compensation (Raymond C. Radulski) Seminar (Recorded on 5/7/14)
6.5 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
Address from the Industrial Accident Board; ADR: A Better Way to Settle; Huffman Issues; Liens and Credits: What We Don’t Know; Legislative Update; Case Law UpdateKeynote Address by The Honorable Jan R. Jurden; Retaliatory Discharge and Discrimination; Ethics and Social Media; Medical Expenses: Are We There Yet?;The Magic of Motion Day - DSB05072014WORKE
Workers' Compensation 2015 (Recorded on 5/6/15)
6.5 hours CLE credit (includes 1.0 hour Enhanced Ethics credit)
This year's seminar features Professor Lex K. Larson, Editor in Chief of Larson's Treatise on Workers' Compensation. There is also an Address from the Industrial Accident Board. Topics include: Premises, Parking Lots and Personal Errands; Timing Is Everything; Hoey: How Reasonable and Expectant Does the Employee Need To Be; The Dearly Deported: The Sequel--Partial Disability; Presenting the Clean Claim; Who Is the Employee; Who Is the Employer; Ethical Considerations in Representing Clients Before the Industrial Accident Board. DSB05062015WORKE
Workers' Compensation Breakfast Seminar (Recorded on 1/21/15) - John F. Kirk Retirement Commemoration
3.3 hours CLE credit
Keynote Address: Giving Back: Mentoring and Nurturing; Medical Expense Issues; On The Hook: How Far is Too Far to Maintain Denial of Claim; Displaced Workers: How to Recognize and Handle Them; Legislative Update; Case Law Update - DSB01212015WORKE
Workers' Compensation Breakfast Seminar (Recorded on 2/17/14)
3.3 hours CLE credit
Keynote Address ; The Honorable Matthew P. Denn,; Updates from the Healthcare Advisory Panel; Hot Topics in Medical Treatment; Legislative and Regulatory Updates; Case Law Update - DSB02172014WORKE