Our Membership Services and Benefits Are Invaluable:

Bar Center

The Delaware State Bar Association is located in the Renaissance Centre at 405 North King Street, Suite 100, Wilmington, DE 19801.  The facility includes, in addition to administrative offices, conference rooms and a large Education Center to serve Association members. The conference rooms are made available to sections, committees and members of the Association for law-related meetings.  The Education Center is a large area which can host meetings and seminars of up to 150 people.

To reserve a meeting room or for more information, contact Jacqueline Charlton, Director of Administration and Facilities.

Continuing Legal Education

The Association’s sponsored Continuing Legal Education program offers an extensive selection of seminars, workshops and classes throughout the year.

Led by local practitioners and scholars, as well as invited guest speakers, the seminars contain content highlighting various levels of expertise to reach new as well as experienced lawyers. The program covers numerous areas of law and is geared toward helping Delaware lawyers to stay on top of fast-changing legal developments and to fulfill their mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirements.

For more information, visit the Association’s website at www.dsba.org, look for the Association’s CLE brochures in your e-mail or the CLE announcements in the Bar Journal, or contact Alison Macindoe, Director of Continuing Legal Education or Janice Myrick, Director of Bar Services and Membership.

Delaware State Bar Insurance Services (DSBIS)

Delaware State Bar Insurance Services, Inc. (DSBIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Delaware State Bar Association, is an insurance agency formed to meet the business, professional, and personal needs of DSBA members.  DSBIS products and services are offered to all members of the Delaware State Bar Association, as well as their firms, employees, clients, families, and referrals.

Because it is the DSBA’s own insurance agency, any profits will be available to support the many programs and services of the DSBA.

Available products include:

  • Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance
  • Group & Individual Healthcare
  • Office Package & Workers’™ Compensation Insurance
  • Personal Auto & Homeowners Insurance
  • Group & Individual Life Insurance
  • Most other lines of Business, Professional, and Personal Insurance

For more information, please contact a DSBIS agent.  And you can always visit the DSBIS website at www.DSBIS.com.


The Association makes available to its members a free subscription to its monthly The Journal of The Delaware State Bar Association.  This publication combines important information and updates provided by the courts, announcements of upcoming seminars, conferences, luncheon speakers and social events, articles of general interest and information on new products and services.  Subscription cost for non-members is $60.00 per year.  (Downloadable Form)

Also available free of charge to Association members is one copy of the annual Delaware Legal Directory.  Updated every year, the directory includes the names and business addresses of all lawyers who are licensed to practice law in Delaware.  It also includes addresses and telephone numbers of all judges, court administrators, law-related services, certain government offices and more. Members of the Association may obtain additional copies for $40.00 each.  Non-members may purchase directories for $99.00 each.  Click here for more information and the order form.

Members also receive a free subscription to the Delaware Law Review, published semi-annually by the Association. The Law Review is devoted to the publication of scholarly articles on legal subjects and issues with a particular focus on Delaware law. Subscription cost to non-members is $40.00 per year.

For more information, contact Rebecca Baird, Director of Communications or Janice Myrick, Director of Bar Services and Membership.

Sections and Committees

As the practice of law becomes more specialized, and life in the legal profession becomes increasingly more complex, the Association offers its members the opportunity to increase expertise and expand professional contacts through membership in its many sections and committees. Membership in sections allows lawyers to meet colleagues who share their interest in a special field of law, to receive section publications and to receive advance notification of proposed legislation. Membership in committees provides an opportunity for leadership in service to the Association, to the legal community and to the public in numerous areas.

For more information on Sections, contact Janice Myrick, Director of Bar Services and Membership. For more information on Committees, contact Johnna Darby, Executive Director.

Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program

The Delaware Lawyers Assistance Program (De-LAP) was created to confidentially expand help to judges and lawyers with substance abuse/dependence and/or mental and physical health problems.

De-LAP’s mission is to provide confidential assistance to judges and lawyers to help them identify and address problems such as depression, stress, substance abuse/dependence, gambling addiction and other illnesses and to assist them in developing effective solutions that culminate in a workplace atmosphere that encourages professional growth, excellence and maintains the integrity of the legal profession. 

The De-LAP program provides a confidential, free, non-disciplinary way for Delaware’s judges and lawyers to seek appropriate help for problems before they sabotage an individual’s career and/or quality of life.  Referrals are confidential.  Any legal professional who seeks assistance as a self-referral can be assured that his/her information will be held in the strictest confidence.  Similarly, those who are concerned about a co-worker, peer or other legal professional are guaranteed the same confidentiality.

For more information, contact Carol P. Waldhauser, De-LAP Executive Director, at (302) 777-0124.  You can also visit www.de-lap.org.  Complete confidentiality is maintained.

Committee on Professional Guidance:  Lawyers Helping Lawyers

An attorney with a personal or medical problem may, in some cases, need specific assistance to meet law practice demands during a difficult time.  A new lawyer may be faced with problems he/she is not able to solve.  A seasoned lawyer has moved from a large firm setting to a small office or opens a solo practice and he/she needs mentoring or guidance.  These are examples as to how the Committee on Professional Guidance can help.

The Committee on Professional Guidance provides peer counseling and support to lawyers overburdened by personal or practice-related problems. It offers help to lawyers who, during difficult times, may need assistance in meeting law practice demands.  The members of this Committee, individually or as a team, will help with the time and energy needed to keep a law practice operating smoothly and to protect clients. The Committee on Professional Guidance, along with The Lawyers Assistance Committee, work under confidentiality.  See RPC 8.3.

Call a Committee member if you or someone you know needs assistance or go to The Delaware State Bar Association’s website www.dsba.org and click “Sections and Committees” then click “Standing Committees” to Professional Guidance Committee or call the Committee Chairs: in New Castle County: Karen Jacobs Louden (302) 351-9227; Kent County: I. Barry Guerke, (302) 678-3262; or Sussex County:  Dennis L. Schrader (302) 856-0015.

For more information call Carol Waldhauser, De-LAP Executive Director, at (302) 777-0124 or 1-877-24DELAP.  You can also visit www.de-lap.org.  Complete confidentiality is maintained.

Lawyers’ Assistance Committee:  Volunteer/Peer Support

Established to confidentially help judges and lawyers who experience problems with substance abuse/dependence and/or mental and physical health issues that interfere with their personal lives or their ability to serve as lawyers, the Delaware Lawyers Assistance Committee offers confidential, free, non-disciplinary assistance. Similarly, all referrals are confidential.

For more information call Carol Waldhauser, De-LAP Executive Director, at (302) 777-0124 or 1-877-24DELAP.  You can also visit www.de-lap.org. Complete confidentiality is maintained.