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2017-2018 Executive Committee


Michael Houghton


David J. Ferry, Jr.

Vice President-at-Large

William Patrick Brady

Vice President, New Castle County

Michael F. McTaggart

Vice President, Kent County

Patrick C. Gallagher

Vice President, Sussex County

Mark H. Hudson

Vice President, Solo & Small Firms,
New Castle County

Samuel D. Pratcher III

Vice President, Solo & Small Firms,
Kent County

Anthony V. Panicola

Vice President, Solo & Small Firms,
Sussex County

Kathi A. Karsnitz


Kathleen M. Miller

Assistant Secretary

Ian Connor Bifferato


Michael W. Arrington

Assistant Treasurer

Kate Harmon

Immediate Past President

Miranda D. Clifton

Legislative Liaison

Thomas P. McGonigle

Assistant to the President

Alexander S. Mackler

Judicial Member

The Honorable Natalie J. Haskins


Adrian Sarah Broderick
Crystal L. Carey
Mary Frances Dugan
Charles J. Durante
Richard A. Forsten
Reneta L. Green-Street
Christofer C. Johnson
Ian R. McConnel
Luke W. Mette
Francis J. Murphy

James Darlington Taylor, Jr.

Click here to view the 2017-2018 Executive Committee meeting schedule.