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Mark Vavala, Executive Director

Rebecca Baird, Director of Communications
Handles all editorial and advertising matters regarding The Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association and other Association publications.

Antonio Byrd, Director of Media and Cinematography
Provides film and technology assistance to Director of Continuing Legal Education, Association staff and members, including filming and broadcasting CLE events, preparing and compiling CLE materials, and assisting Sections to use their web pages in creative ways.

Lauren Delle Donne, Receptionist and Coordinator of Access to Justice Initiatives
Schedules rental of conference rooms.  Provides support, guidance, training, resources and inspiration to law firms, corporate legal departments and public interest organizations seeking pro bono opportunities.

Sorelis Duran, Director of Finance and Human Resources
Performs accounting/finance and human resources functions.

Aner Marks, Director of Information Technology
Manages all aspects of technology, including the Websites, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce, List Server, CLE Broadcasts, Digital Member Services, Audio/Video Systems, and VoIP Telephone Systems.

LaTonya Tucker, Director of Bar Services and Membership
Manages various bar products and membership issues, including the Legal Directory, Sections, and membership benefits.

Susan Simmons, Director of Continuing Legal Education
Oversees all CLE-related matters, works with sections to create educational courses.